Monday, March 8

Monday Mingle! Again!

Mondays might end up being the only day I get myself on this thing and blog at you.

Well... vlog, I should say.

The questions this week over on are:

1.  Do your kids have chores? Do you pay them to do chores?
2.  Were you in Girl Scouts/Brownies or Boy Scouts? Are your kids? Favorite Girl Scout Cookie?
3. Does your family go camping? If so, do you have a funny/interesting experience?


Look... I told you I was frazzled! That's why I think it's actually a year ago! Do forgive the slip-up. Blame the bird!


  1. You are psychic! you recorded this a YEAR ago??!! LOL.
    I'll say you are frazzled girl. You need some coffee I think. :)

    Good I'm glad your kids will have chores. :)

    1 dollar for a 5 yr old? Wow. a dollar a day? That's good for a 5 yr old.
    Yeah i did notice your bird was quiet--perhaps the duck tape worked? lol.

    Camping. RV camping is swell. Cool. But that's not really camping. Tent camping is roughing it.
    I personally like hotel camping.
    OUCH at your camping bruise. Eek. That's your BEST experience? Ouch. I think you need more camping experiences. Take graham crackers and chocolate with you next time. That might be better. :)

    You could always record your mingle early. Sat possibly? for next week... anyways. if not, HAVE FUN don't worry bout it.

    Yeah I was wondering about your blog seem to be very scarce lately...

    Life is getting in the way EH?

    Have a great week Helen!

    PS Please remove word verification from your blog. It will make it a TON easier to comment. Thanks!

  2. Hello again! I was surprised how quiet your bird was too! He was being a good boy, just for you
    : )

    I like to pay my kids for their chores, as I want them to have a little money for spending (without asking me LOL). I think you will be a great mom some day!

    Thanks for mingling!


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