Friday, April 2

This Blog.

Hello everyone!

Long time, no type :D

I need to do some explaining here, but first I will start with an apology.

Life happens. It gets in the way of things that we may or may not have our hearts set on. Blogging has never been a passion of mine, truly. My passions lie elsewhere; a blog is a time-filler, a friend-maker, a typing tutor even... but not my passion the way I know it is for some.

In light of this, it's difficult to continue something that is not your passion when the interest wanes. This blog is, unfortunately, a victim of this. I find myself less and less interested in putting my thoughts online, and more and more guilty that I have not spoken to my dearest companion, my diary Self, for months now. Because Self is obviously myself, she knows everything that goes on in my life... but like you feel guilty when you haven't spoken to your mother for a few days, I feel bad about not writing to her.

Are you catching my drift or did you leave your boat docked somewhere else?

Now, let me go further with this.

Passions are unending. Interests vary. To keep an interest in something, it needs (for me at least) to be easily accessible, readily stimulating, and something that I am not nagged about on a daily basis.

At this moment, this blog is none of these.

While I wonder often about the lives of the people I've met here, I don't often have the gumption to go through all the steps necessary to read these peoples' posts and blogs. I have two emails. One of them is my older one, at Yahoo, and the other is new and much more mature, at Gmail. My lovely lappy has everything I need bookmarked for me, but to get to this blog, I have to log out of one, log into another, post, then log out again.

Call me lazy, but at 7:30 am, waiting for Andrew to finish PT, and only a few hours before I have to go smile and ask people if I can help them, that's just too many steps. Okay, fine. -I- will call me lazy, lol, because I am and I admit it.

I better bring this to a conclusion, huh?

I am going to be deleting this blog. I'm making a new one, with no promise to keep it regularly, on my email so that when I log in, I am fully logged in and can come right on over, post, and go on my merry way.

The obligatory information:

Oddity of Oddities (of course)


  1. YIPPEE!
    You really do write well Helen. I am glad you are keeping a blog still.
    You ROCK! I hope you don't think I am some wierdo in NV or something. I just think you are cool and would like to have you as my bloggy friend. Cause hey, let's face it we live too FAR way from each other to hang out.
    See ya around in BLOG land.
    My email is oneclutteredbrain (at) gmail (DOT) com. If you were curious.
    HAPPY EASTER!! ENJOY your time with Andrew! Dye some eggs--its FUN even without kiddos. ;)

  2. I think all cats like the same things. They RULE! Don't they?


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