Sunday, February 28

Monday Mingle- Vloggy!

Today is Monday! That means, I get to Mingle!

Okay, so... at the moment, no, it's not Monday... it will be in about 30 minutes, but not yet.

So because Andrew is asleep, I'm not going to vlog yet. I'm going to set up this post to vlog tomorrow. See, look how ingenuous I am at midnight! I should stay up more often.

If you've never done a Mingle, but you really wanna, go to and check out Speedy and her Mr. Linky for lots of Mingling Mavens and their answers.

It's now 9:53 am, on Monday, March 1, 2010, and I am back! I have my Mingle ready and rarin' to go for you, so take a look!

This week's questions were:
1. Do you like to garden? What are your favorite flowers?
2. Faves: Coke or Pepsi? Milk Chocolate or Dark Chocolate? Coffee or Tea?
3. What nationality(s) are you? Or what is the primary one?
4. Do you watch the Winter Olympics? What is your favorite sport?


  1. Your bird is loud! Sheesh!
    Put some ducktape on his beak when U mingle. LOL!
    No coke? That's ok. i still like ya. Pepsi is alright. :D
    italian really? AWESOME!
    I think your mingle was awesome! Always good to listen to mingles before U publish it. But U seem really natural in front of the camera. I LOVE it.
    Thanks for joining again!

    Your bird is crazy! But i love you and your mingles!
    i believe you are on my blog roll too now. YEAH!
    You rock Helen!

  2. LOL on the bird...very happy!

    Growing worms? ICK! I love daisies too - the ones you mention make wonderful ground covers.

    Pepsi? Ewww. Just kidding. I guess Pepsi would do in a crunch. Oh I love Dr. Pepper - yum-o! Root beer I love too.

    I like pretty much all sweets too - there are very few I don't like.

    Starbucks - a girl after my own heart. I keep hearing about sweet tea - I think I want to try it sometime. I like iced tea, but am not fond of hot is bitter to me.

    I'm German and Scottish too LOL - I am all american but those two are what I am made of. I should be Italian too - I absolutely LOVE Italian food!

    Thanks for mingling - I get a kick out of you!


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