Friday, January 22

I feel like bragging.

Bragging about wonderful things in my life, I have come to realize, is good for me.

So I want to tell you about my husband's recent antics and let you decide how cool it was, or wasn't.

We were in the PX (that is, for all you non-military lucky ducks out there, the post exchange, basically a gigantic everything store with food and other stuff in it) and he had just gotten his hair cut. We'd eaten lunch, and we were headed for the GameStop to see if they had a particular game he'd been looking for.

As we walked by what could be termed a candle stand, with the vendor sitting at her cart on the phone, one of the shelves on the cart gave way. Just dropped right off... and the woman's face did about the same thing. Not three seconds after it happened, my husband dear plants his jacket, the bag we have, and both sodas in my arms and begins helping the woman put the shelf back up.

It turns into an ordeal. By the end of it, he's lying on the floor on his back in the middle of the PX, banging on a shelf with his hand. Was I embarrassed? Yes, a little, because I could see his tummy hair for most of it, lol. The woman looked at us with a little bit of shock on her face, that even on a military post where I will say, most men have pretty good manners towards ladies (in public, sober), someone just dropped everything to help her. I smiled at her, held the stuff, looked at her candles and pretty much just let him go.

Because that's how Andrew works. When he sees something that needs to be fixed, when he sees someone that needs help, he will. Right then. No questions asked, no bargains made, no time considerations. He just helps. At one point, she said it was fine and we didn't have to fix it and I shook my head and smiled and said, "Oh no, he's got it in him now. He won't leave til he's happy with it."

I love that about him.

I'm done now :)


  1. You have a big PX?!?!?! A Gamestop even! Dang! We are stationed at an AFB where there is this tiny wanna be BX. Drives me crazy! I can't wait to have a REAL PX again! Oh how I have missed them!

    I have to agree with you. Even on a military post, where most everyone is friendly, there is still that lack of something. My hubby, like yours, would have done the exact same thing! Seems like there are so few out there any more!

    BTW, LOVE the new background!!! It's adorable! Also, thanks for stopping by my blog today! It brought a smile to my face!


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