Saturday, January 16

Long time, no see: what Powhatan said before he punched John Smith in the face.

I've been at my computer for the last few days, berating and babbling in turn about not posting something, anything, even a lousy picture here for too long.

Hello, friends. I have returned.

I'm going to tell you a few things about the state of my house right now, and then explain them... because that's what's on my mind, and this is my blog, for bean's sake.

There are cat toys everywhere. Not just cat toys... bits of cardboard from her scratching post, cat food that she likes to take to other places to eat, litter in the hallway from her stinky little paws, and strategically placed cat hairs. Strategically as in, they lie in wait on your cheek until you finally, finally go to lay down for a nap... and then, they POUNCE! Right up the nose, because that was the plan all along. All you cat owners: I'm not imagining this, am I? It's true... right?

A pile of clean clothes awaits me in the bedroom, calling my name, telling me how lazy I am. I have to keep resisting the urge to flip it off, given that a) I don't usually flip anyone or anything the bird and b) it's not actually sentient. But I can hear the moans... all the way in the living room, where I'm sitting a a three day old pair of pajama pants and a nighty I was pretty sure I washed, but still has bits of something on the hip...

Andrew's battle gear in the den is sitting up and flirting with the vacuum. It looks quite gentlemanly, at least as much as a modern suit of armor can look with the camouflaged crotch cover poking out of the bottom and the name tag half off. The vacuum thinks he's dashing and debonair, however... and if I find some little, dirty green Hoovers in there, I am going to be mighty peeved.

We have a new bookshelf! It's one of those dandy, 5 shelf editions, much more versatile than the little square three-shelves-if-you-count-the-top thing we moved into the den to hold Andrew's gaming thingamajiggers. I have filled the new one up already, with stuff and books and more books and a wee bit more stuff, too. Picture is forthcoming. Maybe. Possibly. Don't hold your breath.

There's more. Oh there is more. Like the Christmas presents on the couch and my rearranged kitchen thanks to Andrew dear... and the mound of blankets on the bed because I slept in...

Oh never mind.

I'm gonna go take a bath. With bubbles. And maybe even a candle.

Have a good night :D

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  1. Sounds somewhat like my house. However, if you take away the cat hair and replace it with dog hair, toss in kids toy with the dog toys (again removing the cat toys), you would about have it!


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