Friday, December 11

Pioneer Woman: The Most Awaited and Glorified Part Three!

I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off. And then, once my head is back on, and I sit down here at my computer like the happy go lucky not about to be dinner cluck cluck that I am, I'm too tired to bother with typing more than is necessary. I sit on my Facebook with my head in my hands, and pretend to do something productive on CafeWorld.

I am just so tired.

I also have lately had heartburn from God knows where.... and gas... and I'm constipated... and I'm freaking angry at the world.

I think I might be dying of a new strain of the Swine Flu. This one is worse, though, it doesn't go after your lungs or liver or anything else that's not important. It hits your hormones and your digestive tract.

But enough about me! I must tell you about the Pioneer Woman! I left off somewhere around the awesome pasta. After that, I just wandered around the mall a little more. I had several hours left to go. I stopped in the maternity store to look at stuff there... Don't look at me that way. I have several pregnant people in my life. Megan, and Allison at work, and Teresa was... (she lost the baby again, poor dear, 5 weeks this time, but I didn't know that yet anyway) I'll tell you more about the maternity store later, when I feel more prepared to do so.

After that, I went and sat around the bookstore for a while, and waited. Waited some more. Wrote in my new planner. Waited again, and finally, I called my new-found friend Judy! Judy and I met on Facebook after commenting on the same post from Mrs. Drummond, and we struck up a friendship and agreement to meet while we were at the signing. We ended up being some of the first people to get our cookbooks signed. I was the first to give her a present :D Yes, I am gloating, thank you very much.

So, pictures!! They're all really bad. I'll save my favorite for last.

Here's the table before...everything =D

This is Judy DiSalvo. She is awesome! And so, so pretty! Oh, and me, with bad hair.

This is Tara and Renee (from left to right, I think). They were really nice to Judy's daughter and me, and then asked if we could have their books signed for them because they were in the last group. We said sure thing =D

THEE cookbook of all cookbooks and the reason Andrew hasn't starved to death yet.

I was shaking too hard to take a good picture, so I do apologize for the blurriness... and the bad angle, too. Sorry, Ree!

No, that is not a wad of tissues in my hand. I was not quite that overcome, lol, but it IS tissue paper, in which was a cute little Basset Hound keychain, in honor of Charlie <3

Betsey and Hyacinth! I can't even tell you how fashionable and put-together, and just awesome, all three women seemed to me.

Look! It says, Enjoy, Helen! <3 Ree/PW <3
I got TWO hearts in mine. The certain other person whom I bought a cookbook for and had signed only got one. I can't tell you who that is yet. She might maybe read this O.o

And I got a free t-shirt!! The small would have been tight on Mattison, so I got a medium 8)


Look at the pretty details! I love it. By the way, that's the website for Ree/PW. Right up there on the back hip of the shirt.

And last, but not least!

*drum roll please*

My favorite!

Yes, I realize it's kinda crappy. The pic-taking guy had NO idea what to do with my camera. But that's okay, we look like we're in deep conversation. That works for me =)

Ta-Da! And Yay!

And now, I'm going back to staring blankly at my Cafe before I go to work and get tired again.

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