Saturday, December 12

My Family Needs a Little Help... *eye twitches*

It is my sincerest opinion that they need to add more variety to their pets.

I had to improvise.

Poor bird.

Stick Figure Family at

In other news, we went bowling last night! It was fun, and I enjoyed it, although everyone was drinking and that was really quite annoying and gross. I hate alcohol, in all forms. It makes smart people stupid, and nice people mean. It is very, very possible to have fun without it... but it's not easy to have fun when it's split in half, some drunks, and some intelligence.

We brought Eirich home with us, which I wasn't especially pleased about. He sleeps on our air mattress and eats our food.... how is that anything cool or fun?

Today, we're going to a birthday part for Jen's little boys, Eric and Johnathan at around 3 or 4, and then after that, we're going to head to one of the civilian guys that works in the Armory, too, for a bbq potluck thingy. I'm going to do dishes and make Marlboro Man's Favorite Sandwich for brunch, and then, I'll take my camera and get some pics.

I want to show you more. I want you to meet Jen, who is beautiful and sassy. I want you to meet Stone, who's a walking stick with the prettiest brown eyes I've ever seen (and I really don't find brown eyes attractive). I want to show you Eric, and Johnny, and Jeffrey, who is adorable. I wish I could introduce you to Addison, who is an angel on earth, but she's still in the hospital, and her mom, Morgan, which is where she got the angelic-ness from, and Young, her dad that did not contribute in anyway to her angelhood, lol, because he's a felon (he rode a 4 wheeler through a cornfield that WAS NOT marked, and the owner, that doesn't live there, got mad... and we now tease him endlessly).

And I would like to give you more Andrew. Just cuz I like him so much. =D


  1. LOL! Now, it would be much funnier if in fact your bird could say "woof"!

  2. Forgot - derrr!!! The binki thing, he just chews on it! Very rarely does he suck on it! I'm not a big fan of them at all. I hate loosing them and having to buy stock in which ever brand they prefer!

  3. Lol, I just thought it was so adorable the way he was holding onto it for dear life! And his smile :D He's adorable!


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