Monday, December 14

Christmas Presents of the Squished Variety

So this morning as I was wrapping a couple presents in my lovely penguin giftwrap, making the bows all pretty out of ribbon, trying to make sure there were no blunt edges like the good little Hallmarkian I am... I realized something.

These presents are going into luggage. With clothes. And shoes... and God only knows what else.

Why am I making them pretty???

By the way, out of the blue and utterly random as this is, my fortune cookie last night was:

"Your lost possession will be found within the month." In bed. (You ALWAYS add in bed.)

However, in or out of bed.... My bracelet can pop up any time now. Okay. Go.

No, really. Helloooooo, bracelet?

Or perhaps... perhaps something that needs to be "found" as in a second line or one less word... will pop up within the month.

Or I will have "found" out something awesome, miraculous, and very, very small...

Then again, maybe I'll just figure out where we lost Guardy's brain between here and Tucson.

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