Wednesday, December 16

I know his name and his jacket size.

This year, I talked Andrew into doing a Salvation Army Angel from the tree here in the mall. I wanted to get a baby, because they're easier... and because I wanted to buy baby clothes.

I found Jarrad.

He's age 0, as they put it, and wants a musical toy. His shoe size is 4, and he wears 18 month clothes.

I've spent the last month trying to figure out whether he's actually a little over a year... or just a huge baby.

But I know his name and I know his jacket size... and I hope that's enough to give him a good Christmas this year.

I'll be buying him two pairs of shoes, 3 shirts, 3 pants, a sweatshirt and sweatpants, and a jacket. Some socks, too, and maybe a little beanie to keep his ears warm.

And that musical toy :)

Merry Christmas, Jarrad!


  1. could be either, really... from what i hear (and will soon experience!) some babies get big fast and the whole sizes on baby clothes thing tend to run small... but he is probably around a year... guess he could be a little less, but you'd think they'd round up? :)
    that's very nice of you though!

  2. the captcha was ingabac, but it wouldn't let me go in and put it in my comment, so i'm leaving another one, which will then give me another captcha so this could go on forever, so I'll just stick with leaving the first one... :)

  3. What an awesome thing you are doing. I am sure Jarrad will love everything you get him.

  4. The captcha word of the day is....twalicla! LOL! See I read it!

  5. Awww! You are such a sweet person! My little guy is 5 months old and wears 12 month clothing! So it is possible that Jarrad is a big baby!

  6. You guys are awesome!!

    Uhh... but I have no clue as to what ingabac OR twalicla could possibly mean towards your futures...

    Maybe a you're both going to learn a foreign language? Lauren, yours will probably be baby talk :P

  7. Okay. Okay. I'll comment and let you know what my word is. Albeit word verification is lame-0.

    That is really KEWL that you are buying for some child on an angel tree! You will be blessed I am sure.

    Hope your day went well today!

    vulimpra--What is this? Food for vampires or something?

  8. Also apparently I have wings wingste was also a words verification....This could go on ALL stinking day...LOL.

  9. oursbo was my next word verification word...Is the word verification causing you to see into my future or something?

    Oursbo--hmmm...IT's telling my nuthin! LOL!

  10. my captcha was clesest....there isnt any way to tell you before posting though....i dont think.


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