Monday, December 21

I'm dreaming of a brown Christmas, just like the ones we used to plan....

 I honestly don't know why I'm here right now.

I have a QUADRILLION other things to be doing, not the least of which is packing, and there's dishes, and some wrapping, and I should be looking for that missing paycheck in the drawers...

But here I am. I am... here. And I am going to tell you about two things on this morning. My mother would call it, pardon my language, "colder than a well-digger's ass in Alaska".

Yes, it probably is, Mom, aren't you glad you work at Minit Market now?

First thing:
 I have a wonderful husband. These are the exact words of the card he gave me in my stocking (we opened on Saturday, my only day off til we leave):

My wife, my partner in love, my companion in pleasure, my soul's truest mate through this journey of life.
(That was the front)
You are my refuge when the day is long, my shelter when times are hard. You are the sharer of my dreams, my support when I am challenged, and my very best friend on this earth.
Yours is the face I want to grow old with, and yours are the arms I want wrapped around me at the end of each day for the rest of my life. 
Merry Christmas.
"I Love You. If I was better with words I would tell you this. Andrew"

Yeah. That was my Christmas card.

I love you, too, Andrew.
Mine to him was not quite as sweet this year. It was cute, but not as sweet.


WE'RE LEAVING TOMORROW FOR ARIZONA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Please excuse me for a moment. It seems I have peed my pants.

And I have yet to pack anything but a couple shirts and a pair of jeans. Now, this IS Arizona, and from the wonderful forecast I've seen... that's about all I'm gonna need. At least, according to most people here. I myself am going to need a couple hoodies and probably my fuzzy warm jacket, too, because I hate to break it to you people


Camp and Teresa are coming over tonight for the key to the apt. and their Christmas present that I bought last night because I'm a dweeb and thought I'd already gotten it and hadn't... Tonight is also the IMVU Christmas party that I'm hosting for my group. Everyone got presents, it should be lots of fun, as long as no noobs come in and spoil it. But I'm booting anyone that's not a packmate on sight... so we'll see.

And laundry. Today, I have to do laundry, so that everything I want to wear in AZ is clean, lol, because it's not right now... and shower, and shave, and wear that sexy little Santa outfit Andrew found in his stocking... O.O Did I say that out loud? Whoops.

AND I NEED TO PACK!!! I might actually go take a look-see about what I can stick in there right now.

 Pictures! I have to take pictures! Of the ride to and from work, and the area around here, and work itself, so I can show everyone there in Tucson and Hallmark, and San Manuel.

The next time you talk to me, I'll be in Tucson. Or maybe in an airport, lol, it depends.

I'm dreaming of a brown Christmas, just like the ones we used to plan, where the cacti glisten and children listen to hear the coyotes on the sand....

I'm dreaming of a brown Christmas, with every Christmas card I write. May your days be merry and bright... and may none of your Christmases be white...

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  1. :) Have fun!
    We are taking off to Pinetop just for Christmas and I'm hoping that while we are still in AZ technically, we might see some "white stuff" on the ground.
    Have fun and travel safe-- and what a very sweet husband you have. What a sweet card!


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