Monday, October 19

NaBloWriMo: I lost my groove...

So yesterday. Let's address it here and now. I did not blog.


I have failed the NaBloWriMo Challenge, but I'm not gonna stop. I might still have a chance. This is now, NBWM Day 19 and my 18th post this month. If nothing else, it's making me look like a serious blogger with that big old number of posts I see every morning. I'm on 44 now, since either August or September.

I had a really nice day yesterday, so I can't say I regret not blogging. Andrew and I stayed up too late, as usual, and I woke up just in time to get ready to go grocery shopping. We'd made plans a day or two before, Teresa and I, to go together and get good deals, so I went and picked her up at 11 and we spent hours in the commissary. We literally did not get home until about 4 pm, and then we picked up Andrew and went to the apt. she and Camp are now sharing with some friends.

We ate a quick lunch and spent most of the time we were there in the kitchen. I cannot tell you how wonderful it was to be back in the kitchen with another woman. There is something so very basic about it, something very much like a need, to be sharing the creation of good food with another female human being. I haven't been able to cook with another woman since I left Megan behind and I didn't realize until I was given the opportunity again how much I missed it.

We made buffalo wings and a cooking base her mother uses called sifrito. Yes, it's probably misspelled, but it smells divine. It had garlic, cilantro, onions, Sazon Goya seasoning, Adobo seasoning, and I want to say something else in it, and I have a little in my freezer. I think I'll use it when I brown hamburger meat :)

Does anyone understand this, though? This strangely communal feeling from cooking with a female friend, rather than say, a husband, or even a child? It felt a little old-fashioned...but it was wonderful. We're repeating tonight with pot roast from this amazing, awesome woman who's cookbook I have going to buy the day it comes out: The Year of the Pot Roast.

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