Tuesday, October 20

I've decided that October can go NaBloWriMo itself.

I would like to give all you bacon lovers a word of warning:

Do not wash your hands and then get next to a very angry pan of bacon while your hands are still wet. It hurts a whole helluva lot more than just regular grease spatter, I promise. Want proof?

That's me, and my hand... and those three, odd-shaped red marks are blisters. Yes, BLISTERS. How often does one get burn blisters from spunky bacon grease?? Thankfully, they don't hurt much now and I heal fast.

In other notes, it appears that Ben has broken his wrist again. I think it's Phil...and here we are on the other side of the world. I realize that no, we're not really that far. But the differences in people, and culture, and lifestyles, and everything else between Tucson, AZ and Clarksville, TN might as well make it another country. Do you know how I found out, though?

Facebook. Megan posted something on Facebook. No one called to tell us, no one mentioned it, nothing. The same way no one in his family mentioned our anniversary, even thought they were all there... the same way I had to call and find out that the bun in Meg's oven is a Masen, not a Mia.

I do believe we have disappeared from their radar.

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