Wednesday, October 21

Wordless Wednesday

As always, a little less than wordless.

I can't seem to get a good copy of the video, so indulge me and click .

It's a video of Mattison, somewhere between 6 months and 12 months, I'm thinking about 7 and a half actually. She's eating a pear and staring out the bedroom window :)

This is Megan, me, and Chels at my bridal shower. Meg's holding Mattison and the wee little blondie in the back there is Jana. Other than Jana, and Leslie who didn't come (yes, that's right, my mother in law didn't come to my bridal shower, because she had other things going on and couldn't find the time), those are all of the Adami girls so far!


  1. Um, yikes about the mother-in-law thing. Looks like she missed out on a good time!

  2. You are on FB? I can't see the video because we are not friends yet. You wanna be my friend? FB that is.

    I have a FB profile on my blog.
    Cute pics. I LOVE looking back at old pics. It's fun provoking such memories...


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