Saturday, October 17

NaBloWriMo Day 17: Eye candy and a movie

Okay, so: Paranormal Activity. It's good. It's slow to start, but you get pulled into it anyway, start feeling worried for the characters. Some scenes are a little predictable but not as to what's going to happen... just that something... WILL happen. It built up to the freaky stuff heavily, with lots of little not too scary stuff happening, and then WHAM: you jump sky high! The end was kinda easy to figure, but if you weren't really worried about figuring it, it'll catch you off guard. I would honestly pay to go see it again. It was pretty awesome, but I think the best part was the audience. The comments from the peanut gallery (half of which here were drunk soldiers) were hilarious. Everyone jumped at some point, EVERYone. OH, that's what else was really good about it... the couple in it is really normal. Like it's two college-age people living together, not married, she's a student, he's got a job and they act like a real couple...stupid flirting, a little bickering, he keeps trying to get her to do him on camera which is hilarious and the language is realistic, no scripted out fake dialog between them, it feels like a real modern couple....the f-word is her favorite word, I think... but seriously, if you're even remotely aware of young adults today, that is how they talk, (note I did not say WE. I do not talk that way. You have to tick me off to the point of no return before you hear that f-word come out of my mouth)not all of them, mind you, but a good portion. It was very honest in that factor, and I liked how there was no music. Nope, not even a little bit. No soundtrack, nothing to focus on except the screen. There were also some parts that were just plain funny. No lame jokes, just funny stuff, stuff you would laugh about if you saw it happen to a friend or if it happened to you, even.

Okay. I'm done.


But don't eat popcorn...the people next to us actually threw theirs when they jumped O.o

Got this from Alexes at One Cluttered Brain :)

1. FAVORITE DRINK: Creme soda, oh yeah!

2. MY HOMETOWN: San Manuel, Arizona... and boy, do I miss it!!

3. FAVORITE SHOW: Legend of the Seeker

4. OCCUPATION OR WHAT YOU ARE IN SCHOOL FOR: Eventually, I'll be a midwife. Starting school hopefully in January

5. FIRST CAR: 2001 Chevy Cavalier... and Zedd doesn't look this good, sad to say :(

6. FAVORITE FOOD: Fettucine Alfredo *drools*

7. CELEBRITY YOU HAVE BEEN TOLD YOU RESEMBLE: Mandy Moore... I was told by a girl I reminded her of Jamie from A Walk To Remember. Sure, I'll take that, lol.

8. CELEBRITY ON MY "TO DO" LIST: Craig Horner, as in the lead actor in Legend of the Seeker *drools some more*

9. FAVORITE CHILDHOOD TOY: Make-up brushes!! I wanted to be an archaeologist, so my best days were spent in the dirt, carefully sweeping it away from pretty rocks.

10. ANY RANDOM PICTURE YOU CARE TO SHARE: Because I can... *has a puddle of drool forming on her table as she types*

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