Friday, October 2

NaBloWriMo Day 2: My handsome husband...

... and his wrinkled pants.

Please ignore said wrinkles. Wifey cannot accomplish everything, you know. Not after picking up his jump boots (not pictured, he drove to work in flip flops because he didn't want to scuff those darn boots), buying various gadgets like single ribbon backers and blousers, and having his rank sewn ever so expertly onto his shoulders while I waited. Add this to baking an emergency casserole in less than two hours, looking well-dressed and pretty at a surprise potluck after baking aforementioned casserole, doing what looked like 3 days worth of dishes, getting 4 hours of sleep for some ungodly reason I have not yet been able to fathom, lacing those same stupid boots, and various other details that my handsome husband forgot....

Yeah. Screw the wrinkles.

But he is handsome, isn't he? *is head over heels and rather disgustingly in love*


In other news, today is the second day of NaBloWriMo and so far so good. I'm starting to realize that I have plenty to say and no one to say it to. I'm also starting to realize that I may take a mini siesta from some of the things in which I am enrolled...

But not today! Today I have to tell you about the awesome, amazing, active Halloween Give Away at Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom. She's got a link to a shop called Custom Zombie and there are some wonderful Halloweeny things to check out there. Also, a few things I saw mentioned Cthulu, which has a Munchkin game based on it... anyway. GO LOOK!!!

Not to mention, me telling you to go look is one more entry for moi :)

Andrew is taking me out on a date tonight, and rubbing my feet, in exchange for all the beans worth of crap I did yesterday. Awesome AND handsome. Oh yeah.


  1. Sounds like your hands were beyond full, enjoy your foot massage :)
    Fellow SITSta,

  2. Aw! Thanks for stopping in my blog! Yours looks lovely too! Good luck with all.
    p.s. jealous of the foot massage!

  3. Handsome husband. You seem like a very happy couple!!! Great to see. You did everything right. Maybe the wrinkles don't matter after all. Keep writing.
    Mathy,Techy,Arty Fartsy

  4. I don't see the wrinkles. Perhaps because wrinkles are kinda the status quo around here.

  5. so impressed that you are attempting the NoBloWriMo...i am working furiously to get caught up on the bloggy goodness in my life. what a challenge to write go girl!

    I am here to welcome you to SITS! you are going to love this bloggy community filled with truly amazing and supportive women. Feel free to come by my blog and say hello. AND if you like follow me...I host a monthly drawing for fun prizes EXCLUSIVELY from my list of need to comment on every post, just follow. Cool Right?!

  6. Have fun on your date! And wow, yesterdays was very busy for you. I think I may have gone ape-sh@% on my spouse for expecting a pot-luck dinner meal at the last minute. You did great, enjoy that night out- you definitely deserve it!

    Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest

  7. Would you believe me if I told you, Foursons, that it was the SECOND time it had happened? I was prepared this time, I bought an extra meal worth when I went grocery shopping :)

    Thank you everyone for commenting! It's so much love in such itty bitty words :D

  8. Handsome indeed!

    Thanks for stopping by on my SITS feature day!


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