Thursday, October 1

NaBloWriMo Day 1: Halloween Give-Away... and stuff


Mrs. B's 31 Days of Halloween Give-Away and her blog, Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom

It's pretty cool, she's got some amazing things there. My mom in law would be enthralled with her portion on Domestic Witchery. And I have tears in my eyes because I was laughing so hard at her cat, Tanner. It reminds me of all those lovely years when my Diddles was young and frisky. (She is no longer young, or frisky, or mine. I had to leave her when Andrew and I got our own place, because a $350 deposit for a cat that pees everywhere is not reasonable when you work in food service -_-)

So, as for the rest of my blog today, let me tell you a little about what's going on.

Today is the first day of October and October is National Blog Writing Month. Me and some other awesome bloggers have decided to dedicate a piece of our day, every day to a post here in honor of NaBloWriMo. Yeah, say that again and see who stares at you, it's a doozy, but it's a bean better than typing the whole thing out.

Military life and blogging: the two fastest ways known to womankind to induce compulsive acronym-making.

But seriously, it's gonna be quite the struggle, and I think I can do it. I'm on here pretty much every day anyway, I just need to remember to blog something. The toughest days are going to be the 10th and 11th, though, because those are the days I celebrate with Andrew for:
The day I asked him out.
The day he said yes.
The day we were married.

But that does give me an idea. Maybe I will type up the whole story for you and just post it that morning, so I don't have to worry about not spending time with my hubby on our 1 year/ 7 years anniversary :)

That would totally count. You cannot dissuade me of this. IT COUNTS IT COUNTS IT COUNTS!!!

I need a nap. I'm starting to throw temper tantrums again. I was up, and I mean WAY up, at about 4:00 this morning because I heard sirens wailing in the distance. I never really understood that saying, "sirens wailing", until this morning. Laying there, half asleep as I was, they really did sound mournful and lonely and like they were, well... wailing. They also sounded awfully long and close, which freaked me out. This is Tennessee, but they've said a few times that there have been tornados here. In fact, it's happened once already, there were sightings on Post. ON POST.

I can walk to post.

Granted, that's just one side. But still, that's much too close and Teresa asks me, "Didn't you hear the siren? I was here (and her 'here' is a 15 min drive from my 'here') and I heard them." We had heard sirens, but they sounded like police cars to me, because they apparently have much longer, drawn out ones here, so we didn't pay any attention, just kept on with our doings. I was terrified that last night was the same thing, those police cars were the tornado sirens on post, and we were going to be brutally swept away from our own bed and never even know!! I was determined to know, I guess, since I couldn't sleep after that. Andrew's alarm went off at 4:30 and I got up with him. It is now 9:30 am and I am not sleepy yet.

Yet, mind you. Yet.

He had road guard duty this morning, which meant he reported, put on an ugly orange vest, and stood in the middle of the road while other soldiers ran past him so as to keep stupid, not fully awake drivers from hitting any of them while they did PT. In other words, he was a traffic cop in Soldier's clothing. <3>
Btw, I ordered take-out Chinese food for the first time ever last night. I'm gonna keep the boxes if I can hide them from Andrew. O.o


  1. Helen, beautiful blog! It is heartwarming to read of your love and affection for your husband! I wish you two a lifetime of happiness! I also appreciate the way you spoke so enthusiastically of your fellow bloggers. I'm looking forward to checking out Pagan Soccer Mom's giveaway. Have a wonderful weekend! Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

    Jenn @

  2. I had to scroll all the way back to see what the heck NABLWRIMO was. You had me so confused! LOL Glad to I can go forward and feel better about knowing. :)


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