Saturday, October 3

NaBloWriMo Day 3: Cobwebs! Must have cobwebs!

So last night, Andrew and I went out to eat, but the conversation deciding such things went like this.

Andrew: What's for dinner tonight?

Me: I dunno, it's Friday.

Andrew: Oh... well, maybe we could go eat somewhere.

Me: Maybe, yeah.

*Andrew sits down at the table with me. I am still chatting away on IMVU*

Me: Let's go out to eat. I REALLY don't feel like cooking.

Andrew: Okay.... Are you asking me on a date?

Me: *giggles* Sure. *puts on sexy voice* Hey there, hottie, what say you and me get outa here and go eat?

Andrew: *laughs* O.K, love. Where do you wanna go?

Me: *same sexy voice* I was thinkin'... Arby's.

Follow this with utter cracking up, and me having to BRB on IMVU because I can't type, I'm laughing too hard.

Me: Isn't it the guy that's supposed to suggest fast food for a date?

Andrew: Yes, and sometimes, love, you make me wonder with the things you say!

Me: Like what? What do you mean? Wonder what?

Andrew: *still laughing like a hyena* Sometimes I feel like checking my chest, like "Okay, I don't have boobs, I'm still the guy here right??" Because there are days, hun...

Me: *not laughing now* I'm...sorry...... *pause* We can still go to Arby's, right?

Andrew: *more laughing reminiscent of hyenas*

The worst part? That's a usual conversation for us. A little dumb, some laughing, and maybe a fake insult one way or the other and then we go on our merry way.

So, during this lovely trip to Arby's, which then became a trip to a store called Hastings, and then GameStop, I asked him what he would think about having a get together for Halloween. A costume party, since that's how grown-ups celebrate Halloween, right? Instead of trick-or-treating, they go to "costume parties". Yeah. But I want to do SOMETHING. I love Halloween, it's right up there with Valentine's Day and Christmas. Andrew shocked the beans out of me by saying that yes, he'd like to do something like that.

Not, "If you want to, love." Or even, "I guess we could." Not even the patented, "Whatever you want to do, my love."

It was a full-fledged, "That sounds like it would be fun. I'd like that."

I about wet myself.

So, we're going to have a Halloween party! It's not going to be very big, though. I'm thinking mostly his friends from his unit, Camp and Teresa, Eirich (that's Jeff, if any of you are wondering from previous posts, I've given up on not using last names). So... Stone, Coward, Young and his wife, Morgan, Sgt. Porter maybe, with his wife, Hearn and his wife, and yeah, that's about it.

But my house is not Halloweeny!! I need cobwebs, STAT! I'm thinking cobwebs on the fan, in the hallway, on the standing lamps... hang a few bats from the ceiling, oh and some webs on all the doors, especially into the utility room O.O! I can make it look like no one ever goes in there! Pumpkins in strategic places, some more leaves, skulls... oh, and lots of candles, too :)


I'm so excited now! *rushes off to Halloween Express for goodies*

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  1. Have fun planning your fabulous party! Maybe you'll have to discuss it further over another "hot date!" :) Stopping by from SITS to say hi & welcome aboard.


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