Friday, April 2

This Blog.

Hello everyone!

Long time, no type :D

I need to do some explaining here, but first I will start with an apology.

Life happens. It gets in the way of things that we may or may not have our hearts set on. Blogging has never been a passion of mine, truly. My passions lie elsewhere; a blog is a time-filler, a friend-maker, a typing tutor even... but not my passion the way I know it is for some.

In light of this, it's difficult to continue something that is not your passion when the interest wanes. This blog is, unfortunately, a victim of this. I find myself less and less interested in putting my thoughts online, and more and more guilty that I have not spoken to my dearest companion, my diary Self, for months now. Because Self is obviously myself, she knows everything that goes on in my life... but like you feel guilty when you haven't spoken to your mother for a few days, I feel bad about not writing to her.

Are you catching my drift or did you leave your boat docked somewhere else?

Now, let me go further with this.

Passions are unending. Interests vary. To keep an interest in something, it needs (for me at least) to be easily accessible, readily stimulating, and something that I am not nagged about on a daily basis.

At this moment, this blog is none of these.

While I wonder often about the lives of the people I've met here, I don't often have the gumption to go through all the steps necessary to read these peoples' posts and blogs. I have two emails. One of them is my older one, at Yahoo, and the other is new and much more mature, at Gmail. My lovely lappy has everything I need bookmarked for me, but to get to this blog, I have to log out of one, log into another, post, then log out again.

Call me lazy, but at 7:30 am, waiting for Andrew to finish PT, and only a few hours before I have to go smile and ask people if I can help them, that's just too many steps. Okay, fine. -I- will call me lazy, lol, because I am and I admit it.

I better bring this to a conclusion, huh?

I am going to be deleting this blog. I'm making a new one, with no promise to keep it regularly, on my email so that when I log in, I am fully logged in and can come right on over, post, and go on my merry way.

The obligatory information:

Oddity of Oddities (of course)

Monday, March 8

Monday Mingle! Again!

Mondays might end up being the only day I get myself on this thing and blog at you.

Well... vlog, I should say.

The questions this week over on are:

1.  Do your kids have chores? Do you pay them to do chores?
2.  Were you in Girl Scouts/Brownies or Boy Scouts? Are your kids? Favorite Girl Scout Cookie?
3. Does your family go camping? If so, do you have a funny/interesting experience?


Look... I told you I was frazzled! That's why I think it's actually a year ago! Do forgive the slip-up. Blame the bird!

Sunday, February 28

Monday Mingle- Vloggy!

Today is Monday! That means, I get to Mingle!

Okay, so... at the moment, no, it's not Monday... it will be in about 30 minutes, but not yet.

So because Andrew is asleep, I'm not going to vlog yet. I'm going to set up this post to vlog tomorrow. See, look how ingenuous I am at midnight! I should stay up more often.

If you've never done a Mingle, but you really wanna, go to and check out Speedy and her Mr. Linky for lots of Mingling Mavens and their answers.

It's now 9:53 am, on Monday, March 1, 2010, and I am back! I have my Mingle ready and rarin' to go for you, so take a look!

This week's questions were:
1. Do you like to garden? What are your favorite flowers?
2. Faves: Coke or Pepsi? Milk Chocolate or Dark Chocolate? Coffee or Tea?
3. What nationality(s) are you? Or what is the primary one?
4. Do you watch the Winter Olympics? What is your favorite sport?

Friday Recap... on Sunday.

Is today Sunday?

I haven't the foggiest idea.

This weekend has FLOWN by, faster than most weekends do... I chalk it up to all the time I'm spending with Teresa these days, though. I'm glad we're hanging out... in a few months, I'm going to need her just as much as she needs me now, because by then BOTH of our hubbies will be gone.


Um. I can't actually remember what happened on individual days this week. I worked Tuesday and Thursday, and on Friday, we went out to eat at Olive Garden for lunch with her friend Haley, who is just sweet, and then had coffee and spent too much money and just enjoyed ourselves.

Wednesday was mom's birthday...

And... yup, that's about it. Besides dishes and laundry, and making travel plans and getting ready for Amy's wedding and Allison's baby shower.

Very exciting, huh? Maybe that's why I didn't bother updating on Friday, lol.

Tomorrow! Tomorrow is the Monday Mingle! Tomorrow is also get stuff done day at the house, and grocery shopping XP I hate grocery shopping...

Wednesday, February 24

Wordless Wednesday: Happy Birthday Mom!

I wish I had my mom's baby picture for you, because she was a chunky monkey back in the day.

In lieu of this, I will give you our family: one shot of the three of us from 1989, my first birthday, and one shot of the three of us from 2008, my wedding :)

Oracle, Arizona... May 5, 1989

 Tucson, Arizona... October 11, 2008

Mama, you are beautiful! 
Gorgeous then, gorgeous now.
I love you.
Happy Birthday.

Tuesday, February 23

The Best Chicken Dish I Make :D

Okay, so yesterday on the Monday Mingle, I talked about the most asked for recipe  in this house. I mentioned the entire thing to Andrew, and that we were having chicken for dinner.

His face dropped when I told him I wasn't able to make the chicken potato bake for the third time this week.

So, as requested by the lovely and talented Stefany, here is the recipe for chicken potato bake. It's so easy, I don't really use the measurements any more, but I'll give them anyway.

4 bone-in chicken pieces **Edit: I use boneless, skinless chicken breast and as many as I need for however many people I'm feeding that night, lol

1 1/2 lbs potatoes, cut into thin wedges **I can't seem to get my wedges down pat, so I cut my potatoes into chunks, wedges, slices, scallops... whatever! And about 2 big potatoes is plenty for 4 chicken breasts, unless you really like them, then maybe 2 and a half.

1/2 cup zesty Italian dressing **I stopped measuring this ages ago. See further down for what I now do.

1/2 cup grated parmesan cheese **Stopped with this too: keep reading!

1 tsp Italian seasoning ** see past two notations, lol


Preheat your oven to 400. You need a baking dish with a lid, or lacking such, a baking dish and some foil.

Put your breasts (no, no... the CHICKEN breasts, you pervert) in the baking dish. Add enough Italian dressing to half cover them. I like to sprinkle a little cheese here, for good measure. Add your potatoe whatevers... I make the top as even as possible, then add an obscene amount of Italian dressing over the potatoes. When I say obscene, I mean on this one dish, I use about 3/4 the bottle. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A PIG LIKE ME!! Use as much, as little, or even the exact numbers, as you want. No worries :) Last but not least, sprinkle a thick coat of parmesan cheese over it all and a little Italian seasoning on that.

Cover and bake for 30 minutes. 

Remove cover and bake for another 30 minutes.

Dig in :D and make sure you get some of the potatoes and the sauce that they cookied in. Oh, baby, oh baby.

This recipe is so very easy. And quick, too, minus the potato cutting, which only takes me forever because I use a butter knife. I'm a wuss like that, guys. Really.

Monday, February 22

Monday Mingle- Vloggy!

So today is Monday! That means, Monday Mingle as promised in a vlog! I had to do it quickly (yes, 7 minutes IS quickly for me) because my goober wants to watch a few movies with me today <3

I should have mentioned that Andrew is also a gamer, but he (and I) game in a lot of ways. Video, roleplay, board, etc... we do all of it and it's a lot of fun, but you're right, Alexes, they do get in the way A LOT.

So, here it is, and good luck, lol!

The questions were:
1. Name your 5 favorite movies
2. What is the most requested/favorite meal in your house?
3. Is your husband/partner/significant other into sports? If so, does it irritate you when he/she watches, or do you join in?

I would like to apologize for the quality. I do this on my webcam and for something reason, it records sounds a lot slower than it records actions. I dunno how to fix this, and any tips would be appreciated. Very sorry :(