Friday, February 19

Three days a week and the Recap

Okay... so I've decided to switch around my whole vlogging ideals. It's never going to be a Friday again, lol: I have too much to say.

I've also come to a theory, just this second... I wonder if I can blog/vlog on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays and get away with it?

Monday Mingle, with a few Mumbles....Vlog n' Blog!

Wordless Wednesdays, that always ends up being not so Wordless.

And the Friday Recap, which tends to be long and boring.

I could do that. Could you do that? Like, I mean... could you read that much or that little every week and still like coming to my blog, assuming that you actually do like coming now...

It's a thought. And you'd get a lot more that way. I might even be able to do a lovely amount of photography for Wednesdays. I need to get you a picture of 13 1/2 St. is what I need to do...

So let's get on with the Friday recap as I contemplate this whole thrice a week thing.

Monday... nothing special.  Tried to make lasagna, forgot to take out the hamburger to thaw.
Tuesday, I worked. Got mad at Andrew because he was grouchy about taking me to work at 9 am, even though I wake up all the time to take him at 4. Laundry was done while I was gone, and the floor was vacuumed, and the dishes done. I think he felt bad. Tried to make lasagna. Had no ricotta cheese. Camp deployed for Afghanistan and Teresa spent the first of many lonely nights alone, poor girl.
Wednesday... nothing special. Played Sims. Drank orange juice. Ignored the laundry on the couch. Tried to make lasagna. Had no noodles. At this point, I was peeved.
Thursday, I worked. Ignored the laundry on the couch. Bought groceries at the commisary and REMEMBERED THE CHEESE, NOODLES, AND HAMBURGER! We ate frozen microwave dinners.


So frickin' there.

I'm planning on taking some to Teresa, along with some brownies, because she needs it. I don't know how well she'll take seeing Andrew, so I might leave him home.

Now, let me tell you about this here:

The Incredible Mrs. B is having a) a retro cooking month, and b) a give away today. I want to win this give away. It would be awesome. It's the chance to win a Fantasy Me custom digital portrait from Angelique's Art... and I would LOVE IT. I would love a lot of things, but this... this is awesome. If you dunno what a "custom digital portrait" would look like, go to Angelique's Deviant Art Gallery

If you'll excuse me, I need to go Tweet and follow and follow some more so I can win :)

I leave you with this:

Mattison and Masen, my Ducky and my Moose-moose <3

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