Monday, February 22

Monday Mingle- Vloggy!

So today is Monday! That means, Monday Mingle as promised in a vlog! I had to do it quickly (yes, 7 minutes IS quickly for me) because my goober wants to watch a few movies with me today <3

I should have mentioned that Andrew is also a gamer, but he (and I) game in a lot of ways. Video, roleplay, board, etc... we do all of it and it's a lot of fun, but you're right, Alexes, they do get in the way A LOT.

So, here it is, and good luck, lol!

The questions were:
1. Name your 5 favorite movies
2. What is the most requested/favorite meal in your house?
3. Is your husband/partner/significant other into sports? If so, does it irritate you when he/she watches, or do you join in?

I would like to apologize for the quality. I do this on my webcam and for something reason, it records sounds a lot slower than it records actions. I dunno how to fix this, and any tips would be appreciated. Very sorry :(


  1. Oh my goodness!!! You are too cute! Love all of those movies!!! Batty rocks!!!!

  2. Knight's Tale, Breakfast movies. Yup, I can match people too. FErngully? LOL. You are too cool.

    What about Little nemo? what's that movie called?

    It's fun to bake cookies.

    Anything with Chicken is yummy. I LOVE chicken. Oooh. Yum. Sounds good.

    your honey does like sports? Wild. I figured he was a gamer. LOL.

    I HATE sports. too. I don't like sports either.

    Blah--golf. I don't like golf either.
    Wrestling? Really? Wow. Wouldn't have pinned you for a wrestling
    Thanks for mingling AND taking off your glasses. GReat job!

    not sure what to tell you about your slow actions not matching. It wasn't that bad really.

    You did AWESOME! Awesome cut! lol. That's ok. Sometimes we just want a trim.

  3. You are too cute!

    The Breakfast Club is a great movie. I had totally forgot about that one!

    I think it is nice that you make cookies for your hubs and his coworkers. :) That chicken meal sounds so good. I would love the recipe!

    It is so awesome that there are so many UFC fans out there. I love it too.

  4. Oh Breakfast Club is SUCH A COOL MOVIE!

    I'm a cookie baker too, I could bake all day but then again I'd end up eating half of them myself LOL

    I used to watch wrestling as a kid :D I don't watch any sports these days though, I'm more of a TV and movie type of girl myself.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog today!

  5. Omg! I think this is probably the most comments I've ever had at one time! Does that make me lame? Lol probably :D

    Mom's Place: He's one of the best parts of the entire movie, Batty makes my day! I can seeeee...then again, maybe not!

    Alexes: I'm so glad I did okay. I did it in one take, like you mentioned, and that might have accounted for the length, I think. As for the hubby, he's pretty much into anything that includes competition, sports, games, whatever... but his ENTIRE family is dedicated to wrestling! So I jumped on the wagon, too, lol.

    Stefany: I feel like typing today, so I'm going to actually put the recipe on my blog in about three seconds. Feel free to copy-paste away!

    Mevolving: I adore baking, I really do, and there's nothing like watching a herd of hungry soldier guys scarf down your cookies :) What do you bake most often? For me, lately, it's brownies: Hubby's been begging.

  6. Great movie list! It's so fun hearing everyone's list ...

    Guys love the cookies. For sure. That potato bake sounds good. Mmm!

    UFC is great - brutal yes. But it's entertaining and not like the WWE nonsense. Nice mingling with you! Have a great week!

  7. Hello! You are beautiful - sorry you can't see though LOL. Oh - Breakfast Club, that is a good one (and a classic).

    You are not stupid for sending in cookies - I used to send them in to hubby's work all the time. I have been slacking lately. Oh your chicken recipe sounds wonderful (and easy). Yes! I want the recipe! I would so mix the cheese in too.

    My daughter is watching with me and she and I are laughing about your P.E. story - the butterflies LOL!

    You are a delight to watch - thanks so much for mingling!


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