Thursday, February 4

Tell the Truth Thursday


So I'm starting something new this week in an effort to pull myself out of whatever little world I usually sit in and onto this blog a little more. Let's see if I can actually keep it up. I do great with Wordless Wednesdays, so we'll see.
Today is Tell the Truth Thursday!

It was started by The Redhead Riter but I got it from the charming, vloggy Alexes at One Cluttered Brain. There's a little linky-doodle thingy on The Redhead Riter's page to link up your Tell the Truth Thursday, so jump on board the bandwagon, why don'tcha?

The question today:

If you could have free, unlimited service for five years from an extremely good cook, chauffeur, housekeeper, masseuse, or personal secretary, which would you choose?

Ouch. Tough question that... so I'll do a little elimination.

A chauffeur for 5 years would be an amazing thing, simply because in 5 years time, we would have enough money saved up to buy a second car. Heck, maybe even enough to get me a car AND replace poor old Zeddy-poo. However, our system is fine for the moment, although today is gonna be a squeeze, and that second car should be showing up soon anyway because of Andrew's upcoming deployment.

An extremely good cook.... they would have to be an extremely good HEALTHY cook, otherwise 5 years on amazing fettucine alfredo and I'll look like a balloon. But I enjoy cooking, and I enjoy trying to perfect my fettucine, so this is a definite no. Plus, 5 years from now, I'll have forgotten how to cook!

Personal secretary? Nah, we don't have enough paperwork for that. We've only just started considering a credit card, our very first one, and all of my bills are right here on my lovely lappy. Definite no.

Housekeepers are another matter entirely and I'll tell you no right off the bat. No one will clean my house the way I do, not even my husband, because no one has the same emotional attachment to the space as the woman who spends her time there, who decorates it lovingly, who puts certain things in certain places to make up for vertically challenged self. Someone please read that last half to my husband again, because my flour recently went missing in the back of my cupboard and I had to climb on the counter to get it in the middle of cooking. I will clean my own house, thank you very much. Definite no.

Masseuse. Ohhhh, a masseuse... Now, here I see definite possibilities, especially since my Goober is about to be called Gimpy, he's got so many aches and pains. Long hours logged onto the computer? Get a neck and shoulder massage. A tiring day at work? Reflexology, here I come... No more aching, complaining husband? Marry me, I'm yours!!

So... the practical side of me says chauffeur. Real money saver, that one, if he's got the car and the gas. But if I'm paying for the car and the gas.... No.

Let's go with the masseuse.

Besides, I know three certified massage therapists without jobs right now =D One of which would NOT be touching my husband come hell or high water, but you get the idea.

Say it with me now, "I need a back massssaaaaaggggee...." *flops*


  1. Ahh! Niiiice. I LOVE driving too much for some reason.
    Heck, but I will take a masseuse any day of the week.
    On my cruise ship.
    Hunky, muscular, tan man massaging me down.

    (He can even massage my husband if he wants.)
    While the housekeeper is at home cleaning. I probably won't even need her after a while cause I wouldn't ever be at home--I'll be on the cruise ship. :D


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