Friday, February 5

Friday Recap, vlog style!

If you are not interested in a nearly 5 minute video of me talking about nothing, skip it, lol. I'll do a text recap of the video of the Friday Recap at the bottom of this post for your sanity.

zqqqqqqqqq2  <<<<<<< that's the kitty's way of saying hello, by the way. She wants breakfast and she won't leave me alone til she gets it.

So, in the video I talked about Easter decorations that would give a child nightmares, and to be honest with you, -I- had a night mare again last night, although it didn't include those nasty rabbits. Those things are awful, though.

I talked about Amy's wedding, which I am SO excited for! It's a) a reason to go home b) a reason to go shopping c) a reason to see Amy and d) a reason to go to the Renaissance Festival! There is NO reason not to be excited! Plus, Masen will be here by then, so I'll get to have some snuggly wuggly time with my nephew who, by then, will not look like an alien!

I mentioned the Super Bowl XXVVISTOPPEDCOUNTING and I guess it was the Longhorns that did all that proposing stuff, but I'll go with the Colts for Morgan's sake, lol.

And Kahlan attacked my 15 of fame, so I gave her a few seconds.

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  1. Okay--first of all LOVED your vlog!
    You are a superstar Helen!
    Please join us in Monday Mingle. It is so fun. for details. Please? For me?

    :) Tips for ya for NEXT time. Could you take off your glasses? BAD glare against the computer and I see is you looking at the computer. Can U see without your glasses?

    You probably look cute without your glasses right?
    You could try it.

    I am so sorry I missed your vlog debut. I feel like a bad bloggy friend.
    Please forgive me.
    Hope you enjoy your AZ trip.
    We are already enjoying SPRING here in Mesquite NV.


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