Wednesday, January 27

Wordless Wednesday, with a twist!

Musical Chairs

Helen | MySpace Video

To clarify:

Yes, this is my wedding reception, and yes, we are playing musical chairs.
I'm in the one in the white dress. Andrew has a white shirt and a green tie. He's 'conducting'.
My mom is the one with the halter top dress and flowers, my dad has on the brown vest.
Matt is in a black shirt and white tie. Ben's in a blue shirt, Phil's in a white shirt, he's pretty obvious. Mark is recording.


Matt won, btw.


  1. LOVE it! it is always good to have fun at your wedding. Helen you crack me up....Thanks for the funny Wordless Wednesday!

  2. Thanks for stopping in, JDaniel4, I love having new ppl visit me!

    Mom's and Brain:

    The best part is 1:33-36, when my loving new husband says to the crowd, "You don't have to go easy on Helen just because she's getting married!"
    I'm glad you guys liked it! It's one of my favorite memories :)


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