Friday, January 1

Big families mean more posts about them, right?

So, here at Oddity of Oddities (like it's some kind of important something or other, right?) Christmas posting is still going.

Yes, I realize it's 2010. Hello, New Year. I will blog about you, soon, I swear.

Yes, I realize that Christmas was a week ago.

Yes, I understand that you may or may not be interested in my in law's playing pool and being male.

No, I don't care about any of the above realizations/understandings.

Avast, me hearties! Brothers in law on the horizon!

More later, when I don't have to work... which is very limited this week, so yay!


  1. Can't see your videos hun. They are set to private....but as soon as the captcha comes up I'll tell you what it is ;)

    Scona.....but I'll end up with a new one. I can't edit a post and keep the same captcha.

  2. Okay, so that should be good to go now... I think. We'll see/

    I'm gonna take the Captcha asking off, lol, it's not working the way I'd hoped...


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