Wednesday, December 30

Christmas Pictures, again!

I have literally been sitting at the computer all day long, with this tab open, telling myself I am definitely going to post, I am, I am, I am...

And now it's 6 pm. I'm finally posting.

There's not much to tell you, really, besides how much I hate flying, and how much I wish going home meant walking across the road from Meg's to our apartment.

OH and go look at that link over there! The Lantana Ranch link! That's Leslie's new business venture: organic soaps, oils, candles and more! 

Here's more pics:

Ben was Santa this year.
He handed out the presents and we open them one at a time.

We're all supposed to wait and watch the next person unwrap... but Mattie's not there yet, lol.


Not my best pic... but it has my roasting pan in it!!

Steve is EVIL with tape. In this picture, he torments Phil as Phil tries to unwrap one of his monstrosities.
(Shortly after this pic was taken, Phil used his teeth)

 Heya, hot stuff <3

and Megum =D


  1. Looks like you all had fun!
    Is that a Pampered Chef Roasting pan? It's hard to tell!

  2. Nope, it's from World Market, or something like that. Completely awesome :D

    How was your Christmas?



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