Tuesday, December 8

The Pioneer Woman: Part One of God Only Knows How Many

I am leaving for Nashville.

And I'm about to wet my pants. Yes, I realize that her signing isn't until like... 7 pm. But I'm unfamiliar with the entire area, more unfamiliar even than I was when we first moved to Tucson. Tucson... was like the attic no one ever goes in. It's there, you know it, you've been there a few times, but you never really explore it until you turn it into a bedroom! Nashville... is more like that creepy scary house down the street. You've passed by it, maybe seen the outside...but it's completely foreign on the inside, and the ghosts think your nuts for getting lost.

Now add freezing temperatures and a ridiculous amount of water falling from the sky, and you've got my present adventure.

Plus, I want to check out a mall that isn't a bunch of crap. You know, with two stories. And a Macy's. And probably a Subway, or a Panda Express. Holy Jesus....I didn't even consider.... THEY MIGHT HAVE A PANDA EXPRESS!!!!! Hello, you beautiful spring rolls, hello hello hello!! And I know for that fact that they have a Carrabas :D Paaaaaaassssttttaaaaaaaaaa.......

So, I need Matt's gift, Phil's gift, and another portion for Steve.

Dad's hat is at the PX, so that's easy.

Wish me luck, and dryness, and...well, yeah, more dryness.

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