Tuesday, December 1

A new name and some other stuff before work.

Good morning! It's too early for me to be this cheerful, especially since I had such a trial last night. I couldn't sleep, not even a little. Andrew and I went to bed at 9:30 and I layed there a while, trying to sleep, but I had so much on my mind, I just...couldn't. So I got up to see how my video was uploading to my blog.

It wasn't.

**insert eye roll and facepalm here**

So I gave up, and I am very sorry. It was a cute video, but oh well. You'll just have to see my husband topless, fluffing a fake Christmas tree some other time.

I can, however, offer you a few photos of said tree.

And of our new and beautiful Kahlan Sedona, the cat who has yet to climb the Christmas tree.

I believe she's put off by the bird, who apparently gets the idea and starts freaking out, very loudly, when she gets too close to it.

Not to mention, our tree is only 4 1/2' tall. Not exactly a towering achievement if she did climb it, lol!

Also, if you're wondering what happened, I decided that I needed something.... spiffier than "The Adamis" for my blog name if I'm going to be seeing The Pioneer Woman, in person, in only a week!

Yes. THAT Pioneer Woman. The one with the amazing cookbook. The hunky hubby. The cute kids. The amazing cookbook....oh, wait, I said that. I'm gonna get her autograph! *dances around like a nasty little two year old*

And I'm going to buy Chels one, too, because out of nowhere, we discovered that we'd been reading the same awesome blog. How weird is that? Two sisters in law, on opposites sides of the country, both with very little interest in the food blog world in general...come across the same website on their own, put it on their own iGoogle pages for quick updates, and learn of this coinkidink two days before Thanksgiving when one of them casually mentions a corn and rice dish that the other had been drooling over a few hours before.

Oddity of oddities.



  1. Have fun meeting The Pioneer Woman. Dropped by from SITS.

  2. Ooooo! Have fun!!!! Such a cute tree and cute kitty! Haha! I was wondering what the name change was! Couldn't remember following a blog entitled that! I like it though!

  3. Lol,well, thank you! It's something I say when certain rather peculiar things happen.... and that's pretty often!

    Debbie: Thanks for stopping in from SITS. I am so excited to meet her!

  4. I think i should go on tour. Granted, my book is not published yet, it would be a kinda pre-fan thing for bloggers...Hmmm. maybe it would work....

    Pioneer woman huh? That Girl blogs talks about her ALL the time. That is so KEWL!

    Like your blog look! Looking forward to more posts from you....Don't disapoint...K?

  5. So jealous. I won't be able to make it when she comes to Atlanta. Poo.

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  7. too bad about the camera...i'm sure your husband would have loved that.


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