Monday, November 23

I am alive! I didn't fall off the planet, I swear!!

I just looked at the date of my last post. I feel rather sheepish. November 3rd was a long while ago, nearly a month. I have not posted here in nearly a month.

You have my deepest, most sincere apologies.

So, I'll give you a bit of an update on things, just important highlights and whatnot. First though, something weird just keyboard gave out. I had to unplug it completely from the back of the tower and plug it in on the front USB port instead. Doesn't make any sense to me, but if it works this way, I'll use it this way.

Updates, right, got it.

Laptop is still in a state of disrepair, although I had a wonderful, amazing dream last night that I turned it on and it miraculously worked. Gonna try it today, I feel ready for the disappointment, lol.

Andrew got a promotion! He is not Private First Class Adami, not just Private Adami. That means a new little symbol on his chest, and new embroidery on his Class A's and helmet... and a little extra moola in the bank for us!

I got a job! I now work a few hours a week, and those hours are steadily increasing as Christmas gets closer, at the local Hallmark! Yay! You know, the more I work there and learn about Hallmark in general, the more I like the place. And oh, the holiday stuff. I love the holiday stuff. For instance, I recently turned my fridge into a snowman, with magnets. How cool is that? I would show you... but my laptop doesn't work. Every single penny from this job is going right into our now very low savings account. We live fine and well off of Andrew's income, but we have a few large purchases that we need to make (read: CAR), so we're stepping up the saving up.

We adopted a cat! We went to Petsmart recently, on a whim looking for something for Guardy for Christmas (yes, my bird gets his own stocking, complete with birdy toys and treats), and ended up adopting one black and orange calico they called Yoko Ono. We changed the name immediately. She's more black than orange, with green eyes, and she's a year old. She's had one litter of kittens, but is now spayed and has all her shots. We named her Kahlan Sedona Adami. Guardy promptly disowned us.

We're going home for Christmas!! There are a few bugs left to work out, because I was stupid and bought tickets for too early in the day, but it shouldn't be too hard. We leave the evening of Dec. 22 and come back to Tennessee on the 29th. I have a whole lot of people to squeeze into a week, let me tell you. Everyone that got a Thanksgiving card... plus some. It should be interesting, and it's important to see them because there are a few old friends of mine that I may never see again if I don't do it now. Amy and Danny especially, because they're getting married and moving away in the summer, and I can't just let them leave :( I am so excited to go home.

We're almost done with the shopping for everyone, just about 4 more ppl left.

I am still, perhaps worse than before, addicted to Facebook games.

I am still, probably a little less than before, addicted to IMVU.

I can hear Kahlan in the other room, attacking things. She got a wild hair up her butt this morning at about 3 am, went running around the whole house, knocked the bird off his perch, then jumped up on the bed and attacked my toes with every ounce of ferocity in her chunky little feline body. I bought her a mouse when we got her. It's fuzzy and brown and when you touch it, even slightly, it squeeks. She loves it. I can hear the random, slightly terrified squeeking as I type. Cracks me up, I tell you.

Lately, since I started working, my housekeeping has gone severely downhill. I think the laundry in the living room as been there for a good two weeks, and I can't really give you a good reason why... I can give you an excuse, though.

My laptop failed me. Without it, I have no desire to sit in the living room, and therefore, I do not see the messiness of it on a daily basis. No see = no fix. That's my reasoning. Plus, I can't play my music, my stories are null and void, and IMVU runs like snail on here.

Andrew says Lappy will be fixed for Christmas. Darn tootin', it will be, if I have to go get it done myself.

I'm gonna get him a wireless mic and keyboard thingy for the Xbox for Christmas. He's also got lots of little things coming to him in his stocking, including, of course, Swedish Fish. The boy would die without them, I think. He's supposed to be filling my stocking this year, too, for the first time. I'm worried, to be honest. I have a feeling that I'm not gonna get much in my stocking this year, because he's going to forget, or he's going to claim he doesn't have time. I work, too, and I take care of the house, and I take care of him, and I find time. It's a matter of sacrificing things you would do for yourself in order to give to others, and that includes time on the XBox. We'll see.

In other news, I need your help. Young, one of the guys in Andrew's Armory, has a little girl named Addison. She's about a year and a half... and she's in the ICU right now. She has severe pneumonia; she isn't breathing on her own. Her mother's name is Morgan, and I can only imagine how she feels, knowing that her baby is on a breathing machine in a hospital, and not home safe.

So if you pray, pray for them. If you send good thoughts and empathy, send it their way. If you cross your fingers, cross them, and your toes, too. Put everything you can towards this baby getting better, if for no other reason than because no child deserves to die.

Thank you.

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