Monday, October 12

NaBloWriMo Day 12: It's definitely a Monday.

Good morning! Let me tell you a little about things, shall I?

Yesterday was pretty awesome, I'll tell you that. We did nothing, all day, just sat around and played video games and drank chocolate milk. It was nice. We found a few games for cheap on the Xbox 360 that we really loved, and he bought me Viva Pinata for our anni. I bought him the first book of the Forgotten Realms series, because he absolutely loves Drizzt, the main Drow character.

Yesterday was not without it's un-awesomeness, though. About 9 am I crawled unwillingly out of bed and decided I was going to do some dishes. I had made pancakes the day before and not really cleaned up, so it was getting kinda scary in the kitchen. Andrew followed me out and got a glass of Gatorade and as he turned around, he smacked a glass and it busted in the sink. It was a clean break, though, so we didn't have to worry about glass anywhere, and I kept on with what I was doing.

Well, I started the water and dumped out my mixing bowl, which was full of water too, and whoosh! All the water came gushing right out of the bottom and splattered all over me. I yelled for Andrew, who immediately came running thinking I'd cut myself (and with good reason was he hurrying, I pass out if I see my own blood usually), and water was just everywhere in the kitchen. So I called the emergency number to get the maint. man to come... and he never did. Our sink is still full of dirty dishes, totally not functioning.

Then later, after a fairly uneventful day (I tripped and fell, but that's normal), I was sitting in the chair in the den with a glass of orange Gatorade on the footstool we use as a table next to me. Andrew was in the bathroom... and suddenly, whoosh! again, the Gatorade went everywhere. Thank God for industrial strength stain master carpeting and the apartment complex's that are smart enough to use it. We got ALL the Gatorade up so well, it was pretty much dry when we were done.

There are now three soggy towels in the bathroom, drying out before I toss them in the dirty clothes.

In other news, today is NBWM Day 12 and I haven't missed a day yet! Also, Andrew recently had a contest at work for how fast he and his unit could disassemble, reassemble and function check a variety of weapons.

Andrew can completely disassemble, reassemble, and function check an M16 blindfolded in 1:24.

That's 1 minute and 24 seconds.



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