Saturday, October 10

NaBloWriMo Day 10: Today.

I decided last night that today, I would tell you exactly what was going on on this day one year ago... and seven years ago.

Seven years ago today, my father was in jail for child support on a boy who eventually admitted he was in no way blood related to my father.

Seven years ago today, I was a freshman in high school and had attended my first pep rally. I had joined Matmaids and watched the boy that would eventually be my brother in law sing and also wrestle in front of the entire school. Seven years ago today, I was already Megan's sister in heart if not by law.

Seven years ago today, I spent the day with a boy I had come to adore. We made plans for Halloween, and I spoke to every friend I had about what we should do that night, the first Halloween I would be going out without an adult.

Seven years ago today, I took a long, hot bath and while I did that, I talked on the phone to my crush. His brother stole the phone from him and asked me, why I wasn't going out with him already? I told him very plainly that my crush hadn't ask me yet... and the boy that I had seen sing and wrestle told me that I should ask.

Seven years ago today, sitting butt naked, wet, in cold bathwater with the handset to our telephone about to die after a two and a half hour conversation, I asked my crush if he would be my boyfriend.

Seven years ago today I was Helen Bernice Jorg.

Seven years ago today, I was in love.

(skip forward 6 years)

One year ago today, I was busy on the phone, making last minute preparations. I was running in and out of the apartment, I was going here, going there, and I was three steps from crazy. David, Rachel, and Harmony were there and so, Andrew and I got little sleep because she was at the scream constantly phase. I was shaking for most of the day.

One year ago today, I was kicking my boyfriend of 6 years out of my house for the last time.

One year ago today, I went to bed with all girls in my house for the first time in a long time, with my niece and my sister in law in the bed with me.

One year ago today, I was Helen Bernice Jorg.

One year ago today, I was in love.

Today, my father is not in jail and that kid who claimed to be his son is nowhere in our lives.
Today, I am 21 years old and the boy that I watched wrestle and sing is Matt, my brother in law, married to the sister of my heart, Megan, who watched right along with me and never realized she was looking at her future husband.
Today, I am spending the day with the man I adore, who once was a boy who told me he loved me on my first free Halloween.
Today, I am going to make pancakes and take a long, hot bath so I can look happy and clean for pictures. I don't plan on being butt naked and cold, however.
Today, those special girls are over 1000 miles away. I am not shaking, and I have no boyfriend to kick out of my house.

Today, I am Helen Bernice Adami.

Today, I am in love.

Happy Anniversary, Andrew.

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