Thursday, July 30

Some quick math

I don't really have that much to tell you today. There's a big change of command at the post tomorrow, so Andrew's been gone all day, rehearsing his standing at attention, his parade rest, and his march this way. Jeff was supposed to come over with him for dinner, but apparently, they're both knotheads and forgot, so oh well.

Yesterday, I sat down (actually no... I stood in front of the fridge) and listed out dinners for like two weeks, simply because it's easier to buy by recipe than it is to just buy whatever looks good. Tonight is bacon, eggs, and hashbrowns. Tomorrow will be mac and tuna. The weekends, Andrew and I decided, are scavenging nights. I'm not cooking, he's not doing dishes, we'll just sit around and do very little because it's all the time we get together and all the time he gets to relax. Monday we've got cube steak and green beans, Tuesday: chicken enchiladas. Wednesday: fettucine alfredo. Thursday: pork chops and fried corn. Friday: rice and roast beef. WEEKEND! Monday the 10th: grilled chicken and veggies. Tuesday the 11th, which is also our 10 month anniversary, which is also our 6 years, 10 months anniversary: cheeseburger macaroni hamburger helper. And the last one, Wednesday the 12th, is going to be three cheese chicken cassarole.

Yay for having the time to cook again!!

Also, on the 5th, I will no longer have to borrow the internet. Ours will be hooked up. I'm hoping that before then, our new insurance thingy will have arrived and I'll cancel the old one, which will save us about $150 a month. Expenses look like:

$200 for two weeks of groceries at the commissary, including non-food but not including bird food, so we'll say $400 a month in groceries (overestimated)
$625 a month for rent and water
$100 a month, overestimated again, for electricity (haven't gotten that bill yet)
$40 a month for internet (ridiculous, seriously, we paid $17 at home)
$100 a month for cell phones
car insurance has already been paid for 6 months, we have no credit cards, we have no debt, this doesn't include pet food, gas money, laundry money, or fun money.

$1265 for pretty much everything we need. Add say, $60 for gas, $30 for laundry, and $10 for pet food:


That's one of Andrew's checks. He gets about two of those a month.

We should be fine.

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