Tuesday, July 28

Gypsies, Tramps, and Cockatiels

So this is the first post, I guess. Knowing the way these blogs work, there's really no point in giving you a lot of information about myself here, because in a few entries, this will disappear behind a link. How many people really are going to say to themselves, "Oh, I bet she put more info on her first post, let's go look it up even though that was two years ago!" Not so many.
There's no way to indent. That's annoying.
Anyway, let me tell you about today, and the last few days. Today was wet. Yep, just down right wet. But I'm coming to the conclusion that this place is ALWAYS wet, seriously, I think it's rained at least twice a week since we've been here. I've been inside pretty much all day, since I woke up until this exact moment. I did, however, walk to the office to drop off some mail and see what we got, as well as go out to take that nice, drippy picture you see there. I would have done more... in fact, I was planning on today being a job hunting day, I've got my eye on a few places around here, but Andrew took the car this morning for a 5:30 PT and I wasn't about to deal with that again. Yesterday they had to inspect the car to make sure it was functioning well and properly... and I had it with me. Good thing I was only at home and not on the other side of town where I should have been, dropping off an application to Kohls because I had to drop everything and go right on post to Andrew's unit and let them look over the car. It was tense, because Andrew was nervous, and I was frustrated from the humidity and having to come all the way back (and let me tell you, he's not close to the gate, no, not at all, he's in some backwoods part of the post that takes 10 mins to get to...)
Not today, thanks.
So far, though, the one car thing hasn't been too problematic. I take him when I need it, the way I did before the military, or vice versa once I get a job. We'll deal, but I hate going on post if I don't have to. I know I have the right to be there, I know I have the correct ID and all that... I just feel as if I don't belong there, like everyone is watching me, staring at me and going, "Oh, never seen her before. Why is she here?" It just makes me nervous, I guess. Andrew doesn't really understand it, because he's been living on post for months now, he's been completely immersed in the entire military lifestyle... I have not. I've been living in Oro Valley, AZ, with no military anything for miles, except the recruiting station, and no worries at all. Now, I'm not even in Arizona, much less Oro Valley, and post isn't the place I want to be.
We are starting to get a little more acclimated, slowly but surely. I've got my TN license now, and the plates on the car no longer suggest his name. We've switched our insurance, all of our stuff is in the apartment we're leasing... We still need to get him his TN license, switch banks, get internet (odd thing for me to say, huh? yay for libraries!), switch phone companies, find me a job, and sign a longer lease if we decided to stay in these apts. But there's time for all of that: we're going to be probably a year. Not to mention, we're planning on switching to a bank and a cell phone that will be better suited to moving around.
So today was comprised of Sims, fish sticks, the internet, and that darned yellow bunch of feathers and vocal cords in the corner. He's screaming right now, because I'm playing music, and he just got done whistling along to Cher's "Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves." It's his favorite song.
Dinner is Pizza Hut tonight, probably with a movie. I want to watch The Legend of Bagger Vance. I could do for a good Will Smith movie right now. Andrew has agreed, so I'm gonna get off here and do some more Sim-ming until dinner.
I guess that's my first post.


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