Tuesday, February 2

Happy Anniversary, guys! And someone shoot that danged groundhog....

Today is Groundhogs' Day.

And the little ************* decided he wanted to see his *********** shadow.

Insert whatever cuss words you'd like in there, because I am livid.


I want my tan back. I feel like a ghost.

In other news, today Matt and Megan have been married for two years! Yay!! Here, have a few pics :) 


Left to right: Phil, Steve, Matt, Ben, Andrew





  1. More winter?!?!?! Well the little stink pot better bring me snow if there's going to be more winter. Cold and cloudy with occasional ice, does not constitute as winter in my book!

  2. UGH for you! i'd like to say, bummer man I am sick of Winter already but I'm not. Living in Nevada where is does not snow I am lucky. Yahoo! You used to live in Arizona? Why did ya move? Bet is not snowy in Arizona.

    Have a good Groundhogs day K?

  3. Army Mom, you can TOTALLY have all the snow that's here! It's mostly melted now but the fields are still all nice and pretty, so I'm sure there's plenty for you to borrow :D

    Alexes, yes we used to live in AZ, but hubby's in the Army so... we got put here. Not my first choice. And from what the fam says back home, they're in the lovely 70's this week.


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