Friday, December 4

Things I Am Considering on a Friday Morning.

Here are a few of the things I am...well, considering, obviously. They are random, they are snippy, they are not going to make much sense!


1) Is my husband actually going to get laundry or dishes done while I'm gone today at work? I gave him the option, to pick which he'd prefer, and yet, I have a feeling I'm going to come home at 5 and have to do both... Dear Andrew, please make me a liar. Do the dishes. Please.

2) What in the name of all that is decent and holy is going on with my hair today? I am considering a freaking bun like a schoolmarm.

3)Where did all the beef go in my beef and broccoli? I didn't finish dinner last night, my mouth got bored again, so I woke up to eat it this morning. I ate some...and now, I am beefless. It's depressing. I refuse to eat rice and broccoli in an oyster soy vinegar sherry sauce if there's no BEEF.

4) Am I the only one that remembers that old commercial? "Where's the beef?" I don't even know if it was a commercial, it's one of those things that your mom tells you about so often that it becomes your own quirky-weird memory. Please help me not feel insane. If you can't do my dishes!

5)I'm considering wearing my boots to work today. They fit the requirements: closed toe, closed heel. But will they look good with these pants? More importantly, will I be able to stand for 6 hours in them and not scream hysterically at the end of the day? Even more importantly...will anyone realize that the socks I have to wear with them are actually pink striped toe socks?

6)This, I am not considering. This, I am sure of. I need that Starbucks! Or else, I need to go back to bed for an hour. Which I could do, actually, it's only 8:45... But NO, I MUST NOT CONSIDER A NAP! If I do, the day will suck.

7) I am considering putting a countdown on here to our trip to Tucson. Okay, countdown reconsidered. I'll just tell you.... 18 DAYS! Eighteen Days, eighteen days, 18d... Woohoo!!

8) I was laying in bed this morning when I thought of taking my laptop on the plane with me. I heard recently about some airplanes offering WiFi in the air, if you can believe it, and I have to wonder...If I get one of them, could I blog while flying? Reading in the car makes me sick, would typing in the plane make me sick? I can watch movies on the road...maybe I can in the air? PW blogs while in her car...Can I do it whilst in ze plane, ze plane?

9) Is the ice going to be melted off my car before I have to leave for work? Dang it, it better be. I hate ice. I hate cold. I hate Tennessee.

10) did we end up with the weirdest, goofiest, clumsiest bird on the planet? He's trying to sit on his head again, and making sweet little chirpy sounds while he does it....and there he goes. Off the perch. I knew it was coming, he probably did now he's romancing his mirror. *sigh*

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go take a nap....ER O.O I mean.... I'm gonna get my Starbucks...

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  1. I love your random considerings! And yes! We remember "where's the Beef"!! In fact, we talk about it quite frequently! LOL!!

    Happy Friday!


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