Monday, October 5

NaBloWriMo Day 5: Zedd the Car is Screwed.

This is new for me.

I am sitting in a coffee shop, with my lovely little laptop in front of me, blogging away. Yes, okay... so what if the coffee shop is Border's? It sells coffee, it has WiFi, it has tables. Ta-da.

I feel very hip and cool today. I'm wearing my favorite baggy brown sweater, I should post a pic one of these days, lol, and my old jeans and the tennies that I had to dig cactus out of to put on this morning, so I look fashionably boho-grunge, LOL, and I'm...

Yeah, who am I kidding? Hip? Not so much on this end.

So it was pretty awesome yesterday. I stopped by NBWM to check out my next blog and there was a post by Not Hannah mentioning me! Me! Of all people! I was pretty excited to see it, I've never been mentioned before. It rocked my world. Thank you, Not Hannah!

I guess I better get this out, because I am about to cry. My car is screwed. Poor Zeddy! There is SO much wrong with him! He's got lots of work and we don't have the lots of money to get it done, but we're doing the brakes (90% used!!), the brake roters and the wheelbearings. It's going to cost us a lovely $675 to get it all done... and that's only a portion. The whole of it would have been closer to $1400, and that's a whole paycheck, so uh... No.

But it has to be done. We simply CANNOT go without brakes. I told Andrew what I had picked for us to get done and he agreed, brakes were a priority. I just wish it wasn't soo sooooo much.

This might be either a very lame or a very non-existant Halloween party :(

I need more coffee.

And maybe a nap.

I'm off to the bathroom, Halloween Express, and the rest of the mall for a while. Window shopping and people watching, ahoy!


  1. Hi! Popping over from SITS roll call to visit!

    Sorry to hear about Old Zeddy! Car repairs are just ridiculously expensive and finding someone who is honest and won't just try to tack on other "problems" is the worse. So stressful. But unless you live where there is great public transportation (I don't) it's a necessary evil! Gotta have good brakes for sure.

    Hope you have a great week!

  2. Walking the mall is always a favorite of mine.

    Popping in from Twitter to let you know about my new movie about a Mommy Blogger! Follow me there for chances to win tickets, prizes and more!


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