Thursday, October 15

NaBloWriMo Day 15: Thoughtful Thursday

Hello, everyone!

Yes, I am much too chipper for the kind of day it's going to be, but I'm instituting a new day here at my blog, since it seems that I'm going to a) make it through NaBloWriMo if it kills me and b) keep this sucker up and running for a while.

Introducing *drum roll*...... Thoughtful Thursday :D

So here's how it goes. I give you 10 random thoughts in my head. When you comment back, you give me one random thought and/or expound on one of mine. Whatcha think?

No, you don't have to. I'd like you to, but you don't have to.

Therefore, let us begin:

1: I told Andrew this morning that, given the high for tomorrow is 48, if he even so much as took my hand to get me out of the house I would yell rape and divorce him on the spot.

2: My bird slept in this morning. What happened to early birds?

3: The only thing this digital ACU camouflage actually blends in with is itself... and this couch.

4: My toes are numb.

5: Due to the way condensed vegetable beef and cream of mushroom soup smell when mixed, I'm going to call my potato-beef casserole "Dogfood" from now on.

6: I'm having leftover Dog Food for breakfast, as a matter of fact.

7: There's something calling itself Gertie growing on the bottom of my shower curtain. I made friends yesterday.

8: I am not ridding myself of Gertie because I'm too addicted to Viva Pinata to care. My garden MUST be better than Andrew's! MUST MUST MUST!!!

9: I considered posting a vlog. Then I reconsidered.

10: Sirens freak me out now. They wake me out of a dead sleep... because I am absolutely terrified of tornados. Yeah... if there was a phobia, I would have it. Tornadophobia. Totally.

Thoughtful Thursday is apparently full of rather shallow thoughts, but oh well. It's entertaining, at the least... I think. O.o


  1. Well, Well, Well you are a crack up. I laughed at your post. Where do you live what is ohh so cold? I might have missed that point on your profile?
    I recently moved to NV so it's still in the 70's here. YEAH for the warmth!
    Do YOU blog often? I don't usually follow people that hardly ever update.
    so just let me know.
    I like what I see so far.:)

  2. Oh criminy. That first part is Where do you live that is OH so cold? Sheesh. And BTW, I am your first comment!!! YAHOO!!! I didn't make # 1 on SITS site that's for sure.


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