Friday, October 23

I don't even have a title....

My laptop is dead.

Yesterday, I had to take Zedd back to the car doctor and on the way there, I had to stop very, very suddenly at a red light. It was either that or be a) photographed and sent my ugly mug in the mail and b) pulled over right then and there because there was a cop next to me.

Laptop went flying.

Not even 30 minutes prior, I was on it fine and dandy, typing up my Thankful Thursday post which I saved to finish at Borders while I waited on the car, so it had to be the brief flight it made from the passenger seat to the passenger floorboard... The screen does not work. Nothing. It turns on, makes all the right sounds like it's brought up my desktop; but I see nothing but black on the screen.

And I loathe this desktop. I hate being stuck in this little room, at this slow computer. It won't run IMVU and what am I gonna do there? I have a pack to take care of... I can't play CafeWorld on Facebook, and that breaks my heart...

Andrew says we'll get it fixed as long as the price of fixing the screen does not exceed the price the we paid for the computer itself. If it does... we'll just have to look into getting another, albeit cheaper and less awesome, computer.


Add that up with a ruined awesome purse (ink catastrophe), Chip being taken to the hospital for emergency gall bladder surgery, Bennie with a broken wrist due to free running, cramps like my uterus wants to jump out of my body, and various other minor thingies, yesterday was darned fantastic.

But what I'm thankful for on Thursday was/is: I am thankful for a husband that I can laugh with. I blew a huge raspberry on the part of his arm right above the armpit, that tender little skin there, and he called me a butt bubble. I think we laughed like 5 year olds for a good 15 mins, lol, over butt bubbles and armpit raspberries and the entire fact that we were laughing about them...


  1. Oh that's too bad about your labtop. Maybe you can fix it or get another one...Good luck!

  2. Oh I hate days like that!!!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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