Wednesday, September 23

The letter of the day is M...

This is just a quick update, nothing long, with a piece of wonderful news!

My sister in law, if I haven't mentioned it, currently has baby number two in the oven and we've been waiting a while now to see whether it's going to be a blue blankie or a pink one that the munchkin is lain on in the hospital.

So Meg found out today! But she didn't tell me, Mattison, my precious little ducky niece, did. Megan says to her, "Tell Auntie what we're having, Mattie." Ducky goes, "AUNTIE!!" There's laughter on the other end of the line, sounds like Matt and maybe Megan's mom, Rita, and Megan tries again, "Say what it is, Mattie, go ahead." Mattie's little voice comes on, shy this time, and I could hear her smiling, "A broooother."

I have a nephew!! Or well, I have a nephew in the making, I suppose. His name is going to be Masen. That makes their family complete, with Matt, Megan, Mattison, and Masen Adami.

Also, I was requested by a certain soldier to post this picture. He says he looks big and tough. This is from Christmas of 2008.

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