Saturday, September 26

Pics of cute kids.

The title says it all. They're too cute to pass up, lol.

So, first we have the kids I've adopted as my nieces and nephew, the way I was adopted by their mom and aunts and grandma as family, too. They are Megan's oldest sister's children. This is Cora, she's 9:
This is Makaila, or just Kaila, and she's almost 7:

And finally,Robert, who goes by Bubba. He just turned 6:
Btw, Kaila and Bubba are only 10 1/2 months apart, lol, so yes, they are both 6 right now:

I also adopted Megan's little sister's son as my nephew. His name is Maurice, but we call him Moe. He'll be 3 in July:

We also have the daughter of my friend David, whom I've known since we were about 7 years old, also my adoptive niece, Harmony. She turns 2 in June.

Then of course, Mattison, my lovely little ducky, who is turning 2 in just about a week and a half:

and finally, Masen! He's due mid-February:

(Btw, that is Megan's tummy close to the end of her 5th month)


  1. They definitely are cute kids! Thanks for the comment love. Love how you're adopting nieces and nephews--it's awesome to see people just loving kids. Great blog...

  2. That's a LOAD of birthday and holiday gifts to purchase! :) I love that my kids have my friends who are active in their lives though....the more, the merrier. What a beautiful thing you're doing for your friends AND their children.
    Thanks for stopping by from SITS....I loved your comments on SNATSF. I'll most likely respond in my own comment section if you stop back by to read my thoughts on your questions. :) Happy Monday.


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