Friday, September 18

Interview that borders on Myspace survey O.o

This is an interview with myself, which was posted by my lovely blog-friend Michelle. She originally took it from a lady who's blog is named Date Girl Diaries. I have nooo idea where she got it from, and I have nooo desire to keep going back to the beginning with it!

Without further ado, my Myspace survey... uh, I mean, my interview with myself. :D

1. What is your favorite item of clothing?

The faux-jean skirt I kidnapped from my gramma when she was still alive. She got it at Walmart and I never gave it back... and by the time I intended to, she was gone. I love it, because it's swirly and comfy and long and it makes me think of her.

2. What are your biggest obsessions?

IMVU is definitely my biggest obsession. Never heard of it? Good, keep it that way. YOU WILL BE CONSUMED!

3. Who inspires you?

Andrew, my husband, inspires me to be a good wife. I want to be and do everything I can to help him, to make him happy, and to love him. My cousins Cassie and Dani inspire me, in their love for God and the devotion to the Word, and in Dani's not having yet gone nuts with two babies and two more baking and a husband and a job and a house and church... *whew*. The women whose blogs I read daily, every last one of them. My mother, oddly enough, inspires me in a twisted way. She makes me not want to end up like her.

4. Who is your favorite designer and why?

Favorite designer...hmm...NOT the Army? No, I actually really like the Apt 9 line of stuff from Kohl's. Does that count?

5. What is your favorite song ever?

Drops of Jupiter by Train. I could listen to that song for an eternity and still love it.

6. What is your favorite song now?

Down At The Twist and Shout by Mary Chapin Carpenter. It makes me happy.

7. If you were a sweetie what would you be?

My husband. He's a sweetie 8)

8. ROGBIV--What words would you use to describe your rainbow?

Roy G. Biv which stands for Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet

9. What are your favorite films?

A Walk To Remember
Beauty and the Beast
Ferris Buehler's Day Off

I just listed one of pretty much every genre, didn't I? LOL

10. Who is your favorite actor?

Will Smith

and my favorite actress is probably, right now, Emmy Rossum.

11. If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be?

And by golly, I would jump down and RUN the 15 miles to my parents house! I would, oh I really, really would...

12. What are you three favorite smells?

Okay, here's a weird one for you:
I love the way my husband smells when he's in between clean and dirty. Not just after a shower, he smells like Axe. Not when he's nasty, he smells like sweat. But when it's a been a boring day and he's done nothing... it's very unique and it's very masculine and... yeah, I just do. Call me crazy :P

Also, kitten breath

And lasagna.

Oh yeah.

13. What are you three favorite tastes?

Creme Soda.
I'm also rather fond of caramel...

14. What is your most treasured possession?

My pictures. All of them. I have so many, but each of them can make me smile or cry or wonder what the heck I was thinking. They're all so many memories, and I can't imagine not having them.

15. What did you always want to be/do when you grew up?

For a long time, I wanted to be an archaeologist, until I figured out it wasn't all digging in the dirt with make-up brushes. :(

16. If you were an ice cream flavor what would you be?

Butter pecan. Creamy, and nummy, and a little crunchy.

17. If someone made a short film about your life, who would play you?

Natalie Portman, and I have to tell you, it wouldn't be short. And if she didn't, then give me a lesson and put me on screen, because I play myself perfectly.

18. What would your perfect afternoon consist of?

Hiking through Sedona with Andrew and then heading back to out tent to... build a camp fire o.O

19. If you were a flower what would you be?

A daisy, one of the little wild weedy ones that are white and perfect on top and rich purple underneath. You have to get past what you see at first to get to all of the niceness of it... and you maybe have to flick off a piss ant, too...

20. Tell me one random it your favorite line from a song, scene from a movie or quote from a book...or tell me about something you love.

In order to appreciate the absence of pain, the absence of trials, or trouble, or heartache, you have to feel it first.

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